What Rts Is Most Historically Accurate

Real-time strategy games, commonly called RTS games, allow the user to take control of an army or whole society, directing units and battalions as groups rather than individually. RTS games are available in a variety of settings, historical, modern, or futuristic. Several titles have made historical accuracy their main focus.

Total War Series

This series appeared in 2000, with “Total War: Shogun,” a game which sought to accurately emulate the tactics and methods by which the feudal Japanese society fought its wars. The game was well received and praised for its playability and historical accuracy, driving the game to become one of the most successful franchises on the PC platform. A number of sequels have followed, taking place in a variety of settings including, the “Middle Ages,” “Ancient Rome,” “The Age of Enlightenment,” and the “Napoleonic Wars.”

Ancient Wars: Sparta

This title is based on long period of war between Persia and Sparta. The game seeks to emulate specific units and weaponry, and puts a focus on properly equipping and supplying troops. Where as most strategy games allow slain troops to evaporate into thin air, in “Sparta” their equipment and weapons remains to be picked up by your reinforcements, or, the enemy. These features are said to add a new dimension of realism, as a real commander of such a forces would have to ensure his troops are always properly equipped and supplied to keep them at their most effective; re-arming from slain warriors aids in this task.

Company Of Heroes

“Company of Heroes” is a popular RTS game set during World War II. It has a well-researched collection of units, weapons and vehicles, and its missions emulate real-life battles such as the Normandy landings. The game uses a physics engine and destructible environments to produce a battlefield that changes as the game progresses. Creating new areas to provide cover for AI troops, or destroying buildings to expose enemy positions, can turn the tide of a battle.

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Commander: Europe At War

Another World War II title, “Commander: Europe At War,” is similar to “Company of Heroes” in that it recreates specific battles and locations from the original conflict. An added element of realism here comes from the fact that actual historical figures feature in the game and can be appointed as squad leaders for the player’s individual units, providing various leadership bonuses.