Wilderness Camps In California For Defiant Teens

Wildnerness camps can help teenagers build character.

The goal of a wilderness training camp is to take defiant teenagers out of their comfort zone. Being in a natural environment provides therapy and helps teenagers build character and self-esteem. The treatment offers teenagers new ways of coping with and handling difficult life situations.

Wilderness Adventure Camp

Wilderness Adventure Camp provides a summer camp for teenagers and gives them the opportunity to get away from technology and immerse themselves in whitewater rafting, riding horses and climbing high ropes. Cooperation, teamwork and leadership-building activities provide the teen with a sense of accomplishment and helps them to build self-esteem. Teenagers can choose from a variety of programs around the globe, including leadership adventures, leadership expeditions, international adventures and community service adventures. The California Adventure program, in particular, lets teenagers climb the peaks of Sierra Nevada, hike in the Redwoods and backpack in Yosemite.

Wilderness Ventures

P.O. Box 2768

Jackson, WY 83001



Wellspring Camps La Jolla

Wellspring Camps are focused on teens with weight problems. Being overweight can cause low self-esteem. The program is set up to to change teenagers’ eating habits, help them deal with individual issues and change their coping mechanisms.

Campers can spend time snorkeling, surfing or playing sand volleyball on the beach. Located on University of California, Sand Diego’s (UCSD) $35 million fitness complex, La Jolla teaches kids to enjoy exercise activities including strength training, kick boxing and yoga. Hiking field trips are also available as part of the La Jolla program.

Wellspring Camps

Summer Address:

UCSD Campus

San Diego, CA, 92103

Phone: 866-364-0808

Off-Season Address:

42675 Rd. 44

Reedley, CA 93654



North American Wilderness Academy

The North American Wilderness Academy (Nawa) in California is a boarding school that has been helping teenagers learn in an alternative setting for 20 years. The Academy is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and approved by the University of California educational system. Outdoor activities focus on a hands-on approach to learning, and alternative teaching methods enhance student learning and gives teenagers a renewed interest in school. The Academy prepares students for college, and the school curriculum meets university entrance requirements.

North American Wilderness Academy

17351 Trinity Mountain Rd.

French Gulch, CA 96033