Win At Paintball

With the sport of paintball having been ranked as one of the most popular sports in the world, we don’t need to go into great detail to describe the game. For the novice, paintball can be described as a team sport played military style within “war games” scenarios.


1. Win at paintball by choosing the right equipment. It’s not necessary to buy the most expensive paintball gun on the market, but choose one that is well-built. Talk to experienced paintball players and ask what gun holds up the best over time. Discount stores carry cheap brands, but they sometimes jam during rapid fire, break and have to be replaced. If you want to be a successful paintball player, spend a bit more money and get a gun that will last. Choose a sturdy, well-built face mask, too. The better protected you feel, the more confident player you will be.

2. Make sure you purchase the right size paint ball for your gun barrel size. Paintball guns shoot a round ball of paint that serves as the “bullet.” As you play the game, you’re shooting at the enemy to take out as many as you can as quickly as you can. Standard barrel size fits a .68 caliber ball of paint. But manufacturer’s brands can vary slightly in the size ball they make. Match your brand of paint to your gun barrel for greater accuracy if you want to win at paintball. You can buy different size barrels to fit your gun, or some guns take inserts that fit into the barrel to accommodate varying ball size.

3. Find a good front player for your team if you want to win at paintball. The front player must have speed to gain ground on the field, focus to accomplish the goal of pulling the flag and fearlessness to run the flag back for the win. He or she must be bold, confident and not afraid of the pain in getting shot.

4. Focus on the key position of back player. He or she works to hold the other team’s players back, allowing the front player to do his job. Besides the front and back positions being well-covered, have good support players on the sides of the playing field who won’t just run and hide, but will shoot to take out as many of the advancing enemy players as possible.