Woodsball Techniques

Woods camouflage is an asset in woodsball.

Paintball is a tactical sport whereby teams or individuals use paintball guns–gas-powered guns that shoot plastic balls filled with paint–at opposing players. When this simulated combat game is played in the woods it is called “woodsball,” “Bushball,” or woods paintball. Being in the woods allows players to use the environment and their imaginations when competing.

Basic Attire

Wide-open fields cluttered with air-filled obstacles are commonplace in tournament paintball games, and the need for concealment and stealth is not a great necessity. You often see flashy uniforms in these types of games. Woodsball, in direct contrast, requires you to think carefully about how you dress for the games. The key is stealth; you need to blend in to your environment. Woods camouflage is a basic starting point. Keep in mind, however, that different woods environments offer varying forms of foliage. A ghillie suit is preferable. A ghillie suit is made from mesh or other fabric and is covered in loose, hanging camouflage that looks similar to dreadlocks. The loose fibers and mesh material allow you to stuff the suit further with leaves and other natural elements, creating camouflage to match the surrounding area. This will help you hide during play so you can sneak up on opponents for easy shots. Commercial ghillie suit are available; see the link in the resources.

Move Slowly and Have Patience

Woodsball is not speedball, whereby you run at the other team, guns blazing, and try to tag as many players before you get hit. In woodsball, you and your team must move stealthily through the forest and try to obtain a superior fighting position against the other team. While moving, avoid giving away your position by stepping slowly and deliberately, avoiding snapping sticks or rustling leaves. Keep an eye out for your opponents, however. If spotted, seek cover quickly behind trees in shallow gullies and prepare to fight back.

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Woodsball Tactics

Woodsball accommodates many different paintball tactics. According to playmore-paintball.com, a common tactic involves flanking your opponents. In a flanking strategy, the team breaks up into three or more groups. One group stays back to defend the team base, where, in some games, teams can win by capturing a flag in the base. A second group attempts to sneak into position on the opponents’ right or left side while a third group either distracts the team by moving up the middle or starts firing first from the opposite side. Another strategy involves using “lone wolves” who go out on their own and try to wreak as much damage as possible while the other players wait in ambush at certain points or try to move in as close as possible for clear shots. Choose a strategy that fits the unique mold of your team and one in which you can exploit the weaknesses of your opponents.