Woodsball Tips & Tactics

Camouflage gear proves helpful to woodsballers.

Woodsball offers an enjoyable variant of the typical paintball scenarios. Players engage in mock combat in a wooded area in which stealth and patience often prove the key to victory. Woodsball emphasizes the terrain and prohibits mobile bunkers, forcing a player to know the lay of the land and employ a new set of tips and tactics to win.


Participants in woodsball matches need to wear the proper attire and carry specialized weaponry into combat. Standard black paintball armor should be covered with either normal camouflaged clothing or, ideally, replaced with armored ghillie or flight suits. These break up the woodsballers outline and allow him to move more quickly without attracting much notice. Players should bring both a long-range and short-range weapon. Paintball guns, known as markers, offer a variety of designs and the pistol and sniper rifle formats often take prominence in wooded areas.


Successful woodsballers move silently and swiftly through natural terrain. Players must avoid stepping on fallen foliage, loose twigs or other noisy debris in an area. The sounds created by movement can quickly give away a combatant’s position and draw fire in his direction. Movement should be kept to a minimum, and players benefit from lowering their center of gravity. Many woodsballers find success dragging themselves along in the prone position. This tactic reduces a player’s profile and helps to steady aim.


Patience and readiness are the hallmarks of woodsball combat. Woodsballers must be ready and able to fire at all times. They must also wait for the perfect opportunity, as any shots fired will immediately reveal their position to opponents. Players in secure positions, such as behind a tree surrounded by foliage, should switch to their long-range sniper rifles and pick off foes. Less defensible positions and movement require the shorter pistol-type paintball markers in order to be ready for surprise attacks by foes. Watch the terrain itself for signs of movement. Belly-crawling opponents will often hide in tall grass and attempt to sneak up on targets.

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