Work A Glock Trigger

New Glocks can be a little stiff, so you should break them in.

Glock is a company that has a reputation for making high quality, long-lasting firearms. The Glock nine millimeter particularly has been featured in a number of films that showcase its craftsmanship (particularly the re-make of the movie “The Fugitive”). However, new Glock handguns may need some work to break them in as regards the firing mechanisms, particularly the trigger which may be still at first. There are, however, a few things that gun owners can do to loosen up their new firearms.


1. Disassemble your Glock and make sure there’s a proper coating of oil on the moving parts. Pay special attention to the slide rails and the trigger assembly. There should be a thin, smeared coating on the metal, not a thick coating.

2. Reassemble your Glock and dry fire it. Dry firing the weapon doesn’t do the mechanism any actual harm and it will get you used to the pull on the trigger. Additionally it can help loosen the initial stiffness that a piece fresh from the factory floor will have.

3. Buy some high quality ammunition. The first few thousand rounds that you fire from an automatic should be manufacturer quality rounds (no re-loaded or mixed bag bullets). Take your rounds to the range and fire a few hundred per trip. The more the tool is used (within reason) the better response the trigger will have.

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