Write A Release Of Liabilty Form For Camp Injuries

Camps must prepare a release of liability form for campers.

If you are involved in the operation of a camp, you need to ensure that you take all reasonable steps necessary to limit the liability of the camp for injuries or damages sustained by a participant. In writing such a release of liability form, there are certain considerations that need to be kept in mind.


1. At the start of the liability form, set forth the precise legal name of the camp as well as the name under which it is operating.

2. Leave a space at the beginning of the liability form into which you will insert the name of both the camper and the legal guardian (normally a parent of the camper) if the camper is underage.

3. Include a statement within the document to the effect that in consideration of allowing the camper to participate in the camp programs and activities, the camper and his legal guardian release the camp of liability. In clear language set forth that the release of liability extends to personal injury of any type whatsoever.

4. Keep in mind that a typical release of liability form normally also covers damage to property.

5. Set forth the specific time frame in which the release of liability form will remain in effect.

6. Have the parent of the camper (if the camper is a minor) sign and date the document. If the camper is an adult, he can sign the release on his own behalf.

7. Sign the release of liability form on behalf of the camp.

8. Maintain the original copy of the release of liability form in a secure location.

9. Provide a copy of the release of liability form to the camper or camper’s parents if the participant is a minor.