Youth Paintball Sets & Equipment

Paintballer in action

Paintball has been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years. This fast-paced sport has a huge variety of equipment and supplies, which makes choosing an appropriate set for a youth very difficult. To compound matters further, paintball equipment is also available in a large range of prices.

Choosing the Proper Paintball Gun

The first step in choosing a set for a youth paintballer is purchasing the right paintball gun. There are many low-priced guns on the market that are durable and reliable. There is no need to purchase expensive full auto paintball guns for a youth set. A good youth paintball marker will be simple to use, clean and maintain.

Choosing Proper Clothing

Proper clothing is a must when playing paintball. Thick baggy clothing such as sweatpants and sweatshirts help to ease the sting of being hit with a paintball. Camouflaged uniforms are extremely useful when playing in a wooded area. Also, choose clothing that has many pockets. It is important to carry around many accessories when playing paintball.

Paintball Gun Accessories

As can be expected, there are many options when choosing accessories for your paintball gun. For a beginner set, a plain low-priced hopper is appropriate. Since most entry-level paintball guns are semi-automatic, there is no need for expensive electric hoppers. Using Co2 is another good choice for a youth set. Nitrogen and compressed air tanks are extremely expensive and not all stores and fields fill them.

Paintball Gun Safety

Since the sport of paintball involves shooting others, proper safety is paramount. Purchase a barrel plug for the end of the paintball gun. This prevents any paintballs from accidentally being shot. Also, purchase a quality mask that fully covers your face. Good masks will not fog and will prevent paintballs from hitting sensitive areas of your face.

The Proper Paintball

Paintballs, the ammunition for paintball guns, is sold in a wide variety of types and prices. Don’t feel that you need to spend hundreds of dollars for a case of paintballs. Most paintballs, aside from the extremely cheap varieties, are good to use in a beginner’s gun. Make sure the paintballs are smooth with no dimples, and don’t purchase old paintballs.