Zero In A Laser Sight

A laser sight can be a great addition to a hunting rifle, pellet gun or paintball gun. But it’s little more than eye-candy if you don’t properly sight it. Zeroing your laser sight to ensure it is lined up with your cross-hairs guarantees the best shot.


1. Mount the laser to your scope before mounting the scope by placing it in the mounting bracket and tightening the top locking bracket. Make it as level as possible.

2. Loosen the four adjustable screws on the front of your mounted laser until they are nearly off.

3. Turn the laser on, then slowly turn the hex key in one of the four screws while looking down the scope. Note which direction tightening this screw adjusts the laser beam.

4. Repeat Step 3 for the other three screws, taking note of which direction each screw moves the beam.

5. Adjust the screws while looking down the scope until the laser dot rests over your scope’s cross-hairs.

6. Test fire your rifle at a range to ensure accuracy.

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